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After a heart-filled day with friends and family, I crawled into bed feeling sad, for not yet doing today’s #the100daybook post.

"Grab a book for inspiration," @farhadini suggested.

So I pulled ReWork from the shelf, and opened it to this page. (Helllllo clear message!)

In the words of Jason Fried, “Forgoing sleep is a bad idea. Sure, you get those extra hours right now, but you pay in spades later: You destroy your creativity, morale, and attitude. What distinguishes people who are ten times more effective than the norm is not that they work ten times as hard; it’s that they use their creativity to come up with solutions that require one-tenth of the effort. Without sleep, you stop coming up with those one-tenth solutions.”

So with that, Goodnight Moon. And goodnight to all of you.

Day 85 of 100. #the100daybook #the100dayproject (at DUMBO, Brooklyn)


" Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset. "

- St. Francis de Sales (via sorakeem)

(Source: purplebuddhaproject, via sorakeem)


It was a warm Wednesday night, a perfect ending to happy hour at Jupiters. As I walked along thinking happy thoughts, I saw a former student worker sitting on a curb between two cars having a very serious convo with a guy.

Difficult decisions were being discussed.

AH. I REMEMBER THOSE TALKS. Don’t you?! Oh, right, we still have them.

I’ve been lugging these art supplies around for years thinking one day I’d really figure out how to be an artist.


My coworker says his ten year old loves art. I remember being ten and loving art. Good bye art supplies. Go live the dream with lil miss ten.

Ah. A little space back in my life.

Animated films made for adults, something the US doesn’t quite get.

Evolution of Beyonce - Pentatonix

R&D, Innovation Labs, and Channeling Your Inner Startup:

With constantly evolving technology and the challenge to think outside the box, the trend of separate innovation “labs” has spread amongst big name businesses. Companies that have shed their “startup” classification are keeping their crews nimble by designating teams to experiment – try and fail and try, try again – in an effort to go toe-to-toe with each new startup. You wouldn’t immediately connect nimble, tech-savvy creators with big standalone brands; yet these companies are able to give creative minds what they need most – the opportunity to fail without long-term damage. So how do these teams fit within the larger corporate structure? What’s the difference between an R&D team and an innovations lab? How do these teams keep a startup mentality working for established brands and products? And how do they use technology and new ideas to reach the perfect consumer for their brand? Our panelists will discuss the importance of innovation within large companies and how corporate teams are thinking like startups and projects that have both succeeded and failed in the labs. 

Two birds, one stone with this move: (1) support UC mission to provide public access to knowledge and (2) leverage Berkeley’s diverse student body to counter the white male from developed country profile of a typical Wikipedia contributor